Wednesday, October 31, 2012

DIY: Colorful Star Necklaces!

I love how everyone underestimates the potential of nailpolish. Not only does it come in several colors, it tends to stick pretty well to most surfaces, and I love using it in my crafts!
Just follow these steps to make your own!!! Wooo craftiness!

I purchased these stars from a seller off Ebay. If you don't have stars, that's ok, you can use any object that has an open center, like circles or squares, they would be cool!
Doing this is a little tough and you might end up sanding your nails. Tip: put the star between two pieces of sandpaper and rub back and forth.
Colors!!! Solid colors work the best, glitter and metallic polishes...not so much.

What can I say? Your fingers will get dirty so have fun with it!

You open the jumprings and close them, connecting the stars in a row. Like shown with the neon stars. You can make this colorful "star chain" as long as you wish!
Neon Stars on a Gold Necklace
Winter Neutral Stars on Silver

Tada! That's it, and the potential outcomes are countless. Let me know if you like my DIY tutorial.
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