Saturday, June 8, 2013

Peacock Pyrite Ring Giveaway

Have you ever seen a stone catch the rainbow in light? You've only heard about opals doing such things, but there are a few more rocks that do, such as labradorite, mother of pearl and peacock pyrite. When you see them in the sun light, their colors are brilliant. Chalcopyrite or peacock pyrite is extremely beautiful in the light.

This giveaway is for one Peacock Pyrite Ring, the stones are safely anchored to an adjustable filigree band which caters to ring sizes 5-9. The perfect gift for a best friend. No two rings look alike, some pyrite stones are green/blue, while others are purple/orange, and of course there are those that embrace all colors. I try to include at least one of each on your ring. Takes 2-3 days to produce but worth the wait. See it on ETSY

 Here are some additional photos of the ring for your viewing pleasure! 
No two look alike

On my fingers.

That beautiful filigree band

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Number of winners: 1
Ending date of the giveaway:  June 30 2013
Where it can be won: U.S. and International
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Where do you put your jewelry?

I think some people really try to make every thing neat and organized when it comes to safekeeping their large jewelry collection, but then there are other people like me. I throw things into one big pile in a jewelry box. But I have several boxes, one for rings, one for earrings, one for necklaces, one for bracelets, so I'm not so bad after all, right?

If you like jewelry, then you probably like jewelry boxes too. I do! I kinda collect them. My best friend recently gave me one as a present and I love it!

So that got me started hunting for other really cool jewelry boxes on Ebay, because that is just where i go for some reason...

Here are my favorite finds!!!

I guess I'm into really intricate heavy brass jewelry boxes. Click on the pics to see more details. Share some of your own finds, I love to drool over these things!