Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tricks to determine your Ring Size

Most people are not aware of their ring sizes, and unless you are involved in the business of making rings, you might not ever see the need to find out. Professionals use a special set of steel gauge rings, which typically looks like this:

But since most of us don't possess one, I'll help you figure out your size using other conventional methods. If you have a printer, try out this print-out from Zales. It's actually really accurate and easy to use:

Another method would be to take a piece of string or paper and wrap it around the base of your finger, mark it, or get a friend to help. Then use this Table to determine your size:

Still don't know your ring size? Well you can use the "Friend Method" which works in several different ways.
1) Ask a friend if he or she knows their ring size and try on a ring of theirs. If one happens to fit, then that's your ring size.
2) Compare hands to your friend's. The average women's size is about a 7 or 6. If you know for a fact that your hands might fall into the average category, then it's safe to assume that those might be your sizes. If you have smaller hands, and you'll know this as a fact because people tend to mention how tiny your hands are, then you'll be in the 5 - 4.5 range.

I hope this helped with finding out your ring size. And remember to keep in mind that your fingers tend to swell depending on the time of month or time of day.
Happy Sizing =]

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